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Army of Lovers (с  англ.  —  «Армия любовников») — шведская поп-группа , созданная в 1987 году. Они прославились своей экстравагантной внешностью, видеоклипами режиссёра Фредрика Боклунда (часть из которых оказалась запрещена на MTV ) и костюмами, созданными Камиллой Туллин.

поп , диско , танцевальная музыка , евродэнс

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Ton Son Ton
Stockholm Records

Army of Lovers  Википедия
Music video by Army Of Lovers performing My Army Of Lovers C 1991 Universal Music AB httpvevolyg4TyFb.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the rollout of Watch, what it is calling “a new platform for shows on Facebook.” It’s yet another foray by the social media company from the business of distributing other people’s content into producing and licensing its own, and differs from its existing video content in that it looks a lot like Netflix or YouTube’s apps.

Watch content will be “produced exclusively for it by partners,” who will take 55 percent of revenue. That content will be spread via channels like “Most Talked About” or “What’s Making People Laugh” categories that will be determined by how users interact with it. Watch will offer both a live comment feed where users can interact with the wider Facebook audience—something that already exists with Facebook Live streams—and the ability to “participate in a dedicated Facebook Group for the show.”

Here’s a few shots of what it will look like on various formats, as shown in the press release. It definitely looks slick and polished, but even this initial glimpse hints that Watch is not the YouTube or Snapchat killer Facebook wants it to be.

Facebook’s launch programming for the new video section is, uh, not exactly the A-list talent one might think a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars could secure.

It includes Nas Daily , a show from a guy who quit his job to make one-minute travel videos “together with his fans from around the world” (a preview clip is titled “We Bought 1000 Burgers”); a live show where motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein will interact with Facebook users; a cooking show where children will attempt to make a recipe; and in probably Facebook’s biggest grab, one live game of Major League Baseball a week.

Facebooks New Watch Tab Does Not Look Like a YouTube
Army of Lovers Army of lovers в современном составе Сверху вниз Доминика Печински ЖанПьер Барда.
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On Wednesday Facebook announced the rollout of Watch what it is calling a new platform for shows on Facebook Its yet another foray by the.
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