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The glamorous music group Army of Lovers and their stylish but hilarious video Crucified.
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Sadly, the master was not worthy of his dog. Although Boy was killed by a Roundhead soldier at Marston Moor, the primary reason for his death was that somebody fecklessly forgot to tie him up (Anne Osborne, "Rupert of the Rhine, Anecdotes in the life of Prince Rupert--dog lover", Tail-Wagger Magazine , June 1950, p. 146; however this detail is unreferenced, and, judging from handling of regimental mascots, and dogs belonging to individuals in the armies during the Napoleonic Wars, it may have been customary to allow such dogs their freedom).

If Prince Rupert forgot to tie up his dog, it's less surprising that he arrived late at the Battle of Nasby (14 June 1645) because he had stopped on the way to eat ice cream. Illustration at left: the death of Boy, from A Dogs Elegy ; note the support the soldier is using for his gun (for more about firearms in the mid-17th century, see Duck dogs -- guns ).

Lydia Hopkins, in The Complete Poodle , 3rd edition (NY: Howell, 1962), pp. 281-3, mentions Poodles who accompanied their masters during the Napoleonic Wars, for example, that Emperor Napoleon recollected in his memoirs the faithfulness of a Poodle who died at the battle of Marengo, licking the face of his fallen master, a Grenadier. (We infer from a reference in Estelle Ross, The Book of Noble Dogs , New York: Century, 1922, p. 283, that this recollection is contained in Napoleon I, Memorial de St. Hélène ).

Barbuche "was one of three inseparable friends that fought in the Italian campaign. He was the pet of Petit Jean, a waif who had been lost, and of old Sergeant Fougasse, who took them both under his protection." Petit Jean became a drummer boy; he died in battle; Barbuche lost a front leg defending his dying master; after the war, Fougasse earned his living through Barbuche's tricks; through this, met Petit Jean's mother and was able to tell his story. (Hopkins, pp. 282-3.)

Buff. See "Gordon's Poodle Visuals" for a reference to the portrait by Ward of Buff, who accompanied his master, Lt. Col. Chestmaster, during the Peninsula War.

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Army dogs Prince Rupert of the Rhine and Boy Prince Rupert of the Rhine 16191682 nephew of the illfated Charles I of England was taken prisoner at the Battle.
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Harold Adrian Russell Kim Philby 1 January 1912 11 May 1988 was a highranking member of British intelligence who worked as a double agent before defecting to.