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Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle ( French:  [ʃaʁl də ɡol]  (   listen ) ; 22 November 1890 – 9 November 1970) was a French general and statesman. He was the leader of Free France (1940–44) and the head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic (1944–46). In 1958, he founded the Fifth Republic and was elected as the President of France , a position he held until his resignation in 1969. He was the dominant figure of France during the Cold War era and his memory continues to influence French politics.

Although re-elected President in 1965 , in May 1968 he appeared likely to lose power amid widespread protests by students and workers, but survived the crisis with backing from the Army and won an election with an increased majority in the Assembly. De Gaulle resigned in 1969 after losing a referendum in which he proposed more decentralization. He died a year later at his residence in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises , leaving his Presidential memoirs unfinished. Many French political parties and figures claim the Gaullist legacy.

De Gaulle was ranked as "Le Plus Grand Français de tous les temps" (the Greatest Frenchman of All Time). [1]

By the time he was ten he was reading medieval history. De Gaulle began his own writing in his early teens, especially poetry, and later his family paid for a composition, a one-act play in verse about a traveller, to be privately published. [9] A voracious reader, he later favored philosophical tomes by such writers as Bergson , Péguy , and Barrès. In addition to the German philosophers Nietzsche , Kant and Goethe , he read the works of the ancient Greeks (especially Plato ) and the prose of the romanticist poet Chateaubriand. [9]

De Gaulle was educated in Paris at the Collège Stanislas and studied briefly in Belgium where he continued to display his interest in reading and studying history and shared the great pride many of his countrymen felt in their nation's achievements. [10] At the age of fifteen he wrote an essay imagining “General de Gaulle” leading the French Army to victory over Germany in 1930; he later wrote that in his youth he had looked forward with somewhat naive anticipation to the inevitable future war with Germany to avenge the French defeat of 1870. [11]

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Weeks after the US Army told personnel to immediately shelve all drones made by Chinese manufacturer DJI, citing unspecified “cyber vulnerabilities associated with DJI products,” the company has introduced a new “local data mode” for its apps.

“We are creating local data mode to address the needs of our enterprise customers, including public and private organizations that are using DJI technology to perform sensitive operations around the world,” company VP for Policy and Legal Affairs Brendan Schulman said in a press release, per TechCrunch.

DJI’s apps use the internet to update maps, restricted flight zones and other relevant data, as well as have an optional feature to sync with the company’s database to store flight data. The new local mode disables all of those features. It’s clear even by the company’s own admission the timing with the Army announcement is not a coincidence, though TechCrunch reported DJI says the local mode was in development for several months and was not originally spurred by US brass.

“We’re not responding to the Army, which has never explained its concerns to us,” DJI communications director for North America Adam Lisberg told TechCrunch. “. We announced it today because enterprise customers with serious data security have made clear they need something like this for a while, and the Army memo reinforced that concern for them.”

The military has declined to reveal the security vulnerabilities, presumably for operational security reasons—small drones like those manufactured by DJI are already in limited deployment with the US military, and are widely used by some guerilla forces that oppose them like ISIS extremists. DJI also says the Army has not clued them in.

DJI Rolls Out Local Data Mode for Drones After US Army
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