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" You should have held your tongue. You compare this insignificant nothing to Zarbon and Dodoria ? Was that a joke? Ha! Either you brought the most cowardly of all my troops to my welcoming party, or the Frieza Force has become woefully faint of heart. How do you expect us to run an empire that strikes fear across the galaxies while we're cowering from a handful of Saiyan garbage! "
Frieza to Sorbet , Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

The army was controlled by King Cold's family for most of its known history. It is never stated when, where, or how the organization was formed; however, it is known that the group existed in at least some form for over two centuries. The earliest known activities of the Frieza Forces involved the ancestor of King Cold, Chilled , assaulting Planet Plant , which was at the time inhabited by the Plants. The attack was repelled by Bardock , who had been sent into the past. [6]

After Porunga tells everyone that Goku is still alive and will return to Earth by his own means, Vegeta uses the spaceship constructed by Bulma's father and leaves for outer space in search of Goku. On his way, he finds the last remaining soldiers of Frieza and kills them.

After the death of Frieza, the army began to fall into shambles and also split into several factions. The factions who were known to have survived the initial falling apart from Frieza's death were Cooler and his armored squadron , staff officer Sorbet and those who would follow him, and Frieza's personal guard troops who were led by Wada and those allied with them.

Some time later (between Age 766 - Age 767 ), Frieza's brother Cooler targeted Earth looking for revenge against Goku for humiliating his family. However, he proved to be no match for Goku's Super Saiyan power, and just like his father and brother, was defeated and seemingly killed.

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